Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Friday- Help!!

Any organizers/house cleaners out there who would love to stop by today and help me w/ my home? Actually, my wonderful mother is here to the rescue. She was here yesterday, too. God love er'! She's helping me get the house together so that I can have people in my home tomorrow without being totally embarrassed of the mess. And when I say mess, I truly mean a big, cluttered mess.
Tomorrow will be Peanut's fairy birthday party, so I won't get a chance today or tomorrow to post any activities.

Now don't run away just yet- here are a few things for you to look forward to.....

*Birthday pics from peanut's fairy party!
*Creative writing ideas for kids.
*The Baby Times- Tuesday

*Creativity for Kids Review and Giveaway!
*And don't forget my Earth Day Giveaway- deadline- April 12th.

Oh no, I forgot about the Ultimate Blog Party! Hmm. Maybe I'll get a chance to hop on later tonight- during the wee hrs. I'm sure.

Wish me luck on the house/party preparations- I need it!

Enjoy your weekend,



Chels said...

Good luck and have fun! Kid parties can be so stressful!

MaggieK said...

I hope that the party is great....and yay for your mom coming to help you clean

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