Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Punk Rocker, a Witch, and a Pumpkin?

Sunshine age 10

Peanut age 8

Pumpkin age 2
Oh and I almost forgot about Spider Web girl?  or should I say Momma!
Last Saturday, we had fun dressing up for a Halloween parade. Sunshine even won third place in her age group for her punk costume. 
The Spider Web eyes idea.. not my own... found it on Pinterest and had to try it. Here's the pic that I found and printed out to help me decorate around my eyes.

I love the fun and creativity of Halloween...  a little bit spooky.. okay, but gore or evil.. not my thing for sure! My kids complain that my Halloween decorations are too cute!

Enjoy your Halloween adventures!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cinderella.. My Little Mouse

This week has been quite busy with late night play rehearsals and then finally the big production of Cinderella. Peanut played a mouse and performed in five shows this week. She did such a wonderful job. I wanted to share a couple of pics, because I am so proud of her hard work and dedication this month to this production! 

Awesome job, Peanut.
We love you!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Life Beyond the Electronics!

So what happens when you take the kids away
for a weekend without television or electronics? 
Yes, I said no electronics! 
Here's what happens.. the creative and curious juices get a flowin'! 
And my kids thought that life would stop without their
DSI and computer and Wii...
Well look at them now....

Exploring nature

Looking for Elk
Hiking with Momma
Looking for inspiration for journal writing

 A sample of Peanut's journal writing after hiking (age 8)
Learning about animals
Building structures with crayons
Playing cards- Old Maid
And...enjoying the fall leaves
What do your kids enjoy doing when the electronic "stuff" is put
away for the day or weekend?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Create a Witches Hat!

Who says a witches hat has to be black?  We had so much fun creating these colorful and sparkly witches hats for Halloween. 

Colorful card stock
Glitter(we used a  mix of colors)
Halloween Stickers

I cut out the hats for the kids and assisted with the glittering process.  We used baking sheets covered with foil and this worked out great.  Less mess for sure.

Just read this tip online somewhere this week... can't remember where though to give credit to this awesome idea. 

Little man creating with his buddies
Happy Halloween!

Trip Clip Giveaway!

The Activity Mom is giving away this great product, so I had to share! It is called the Trip Clip. With three kids and 3 hr trips to our camp, this is something that we would use.  Why am I interested?  It has a variety of activities available to print and the attached marker is definitely a bonus!

Stop on over to The Activity Mom to learn more about this product and enter to win your own.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Activities

Halloween is right around the corner!  My kids are getting ready.. for sure.  I have one little pumpkin, a witch, and a punk rocker who will be trick or treating this year.  What are your kids going to be this year?  Do you dress up? 
Here are some fun Halloween activity posts from years past...
Skeleton Hiccups with activities
I also had fun sharing some Spooky Story Starters (free printable) over at The Activity Mom.  Be sure to stop by to get some fun creative writing prompts.
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bb is for Bat and more Batty Activities...

We made this simple bat craft and had fun flying around the house! 
Above you can see how the parts that I cut out for little man. I guided him as he glued them together.  After making our bats, I thought that this would be cute attached to a toilet paper tube.  You could have them paint it black first. Just a thought. 

Other activities..
We focused on the letter Bb and the sound it makes.  Sing a song.. Bb is for bat.. ba ba ba, Bb is for bat... ba ba ba.

Read a bat poem/song..

Bats Are Sleeping
Tune: Frere Jacques

Bats are sleeping
Bats are sleeping
Upside down.
Upside down.
Sleeping in the morning sun.
Waiting for the night to come.

Then they'll fly all around.
Then they'll fly all around.

Read a book.. my favorite.. Stellaluna

Pretend you are a bat. Be prepared to hear the kids squeal as they see a grown person flapping their wings and running around.

Learn about bats.  When do they sleep?  What do they eat?  What other animals are similar to bats?  How are they different.

So many more bat ideas here... Going Batty from Kinder Korner.

For older children..

My kids (8 and 10) love to research animals.  They would enjoy learning more about different types of bats and then using this info to create a PowerPoint slide show.

The following are  links to bat websites...
Smithsonian: Bat facts
Discovery Kids: Are bats really blind?

Write a poem or funny story about a bat?  Write an interview for a bat.. what questions would you ask a bat?

Read Stellaluna with older children and then watch the cartoon.  Have them compare and contrast the movie with the book.  Which did they like better and why?


Monday, October 1, 2012

Owl Activities

Whooo Whooo!  What does an owl say?  We've  been having fun learning about and creating owls.  I found this adorable owl on Pinterest and had to make it with little man and his little buddy.  Perfect gluing activity for little hands!


We also enjoyed singing these simple Owl Songs from The Preschool Express- Music and Rhyme Station.

Next, I read the adorable rhyme.. Five Little Owls from DLTK to the kiddos.

More Owl Ideas...

Free Owls Activities, Rhymes, Printables, and Owl Book Suggestions from Kids Soup

Need to make this Mr. Friendly Owl snack for sure... sometime soon..
from creative kid snacks

Whoo Whoo loves owls.  We do!

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