Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello! Hello!

I just wanted to say hello!  I hope that everyone had a blessed Christmas! I'm still without a computer- need to save up for a new one, so my blogging life has been on hold.  I'm not sure if I would be able to keep up anyway because with homeschooling, the house, a part-time job, and a baby- I'm swamped!  The kids are doing well- they continue to inspire me with their curious and creative spirits.  Peanut loves to write and enjoys writing books and plays.  She also likes to research topics of interest. Sunshine loves to sing and create new songs.  Little man is busy learning how to walk and exploring his environment.  He is getting into EVERYTHING!  He just turned one last week.  I wish I could post the party pics; a things that go party was his theme! We continue to love reading in our house.  Here are some of the books that we've been enjoying with a couple of past posts that you might enjoy!Let it Snow, Let it Snow (Snowflake Bentley)Snowflake Bentley MittenThe Mitten 20th Anniversary Edition Care and Best Wishes for aHappy New Year!!  Jen

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