Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Foot Book and Activity

After reading The Foot Book by Dr. Suess, Little Man and I had fun exploring all kinds of feet!!

I found these wonderful animal feet cards at kidz club (love this site) and made this file folder activity.  You can also go to the site and print them in black and white for coloring.

I decided not to cut out the animals. I pasted them on the inside of the folder.

On the back of the folder, I made a pocket for storage for the feet.  (After printing out the feet, I glued them on colorful cardstock.)

A fun activity that is easy to store and pulled out when we study animals or visit The Foot Book again.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.. I also traced Little Man's feet and let him decorate them!

For more fun with FEET...

1. Feet crafts.. make a chick, butterfly, or bumble bee!
2. Ff is for fish, fingers, and feet!
3. It's Jello Time... walk in Jello??
4. The Foot Book Printables and Teaching Ideas-

“In the house,
and on the street,
how many, many
feet you meet.”
Dr. Suess


Busy mom said...

Very, very good way to help children enjoy books and learning. Can't wait to put this to use with my daughter. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Great idea! I need to make more file folder games... my two littlest would love this and they are always begging for games :)

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