Thursday, July 31, 2008

Foot Fun!!

Today was library day! I love taking the girls for story time and crafts. We absolutely love books in our house. I can't stress more the importance of reading to our kids! The craft that was connected to the stories that were read today was a bumble bee foot! After tracing their feet with their shoes on, the kids decorated the bee, glued on wings, and added pipe cleaner antennas. All of the kids were buzzing around the library with their homemade bees!! Too cute! Below are some other ideas for crafts with FEET!!!

Feet Chicks

Paint your child's foot with yellow paint and have them press it on a piece of paper. Add a beak with orange marker to the heel of the foot. The toes are the feathers. Once the foot dries, have your child add on an eye with black permanent marker and little legs. (googly eyes would work,too) Next, glue on a little bit of oatmeal for chicken feed. (Optional- decorate the rest of the page)
I did this activity with Kindergarten students, but we created a large mural with all of their feet. If you have more than one child, a poster or mural would work, too. If I can find a photo of this craft, I'll post it at a later date!

Butterfly Feet

My sister gave me a great idea for a foot craft that she does with her students. With socks on, trace both of your child's feet onto colored paper. Let them decorate or collage the wings with a variety of materials, such as stickers and pieces of tissue paper. Use a tongue depressor in the middle and use pipe cleaners for the antennae. I'm going to do this craft with the girls tomorrow, so I'll test it out and display a photo!!

Here's Sunshine's butterfly that she created!! She chose to make a collage with her feet wings.

Funny that I'm writing about feet crafts! I had to go to the Foot doctor for a sore foot today!!


Jenn said...

Thanks for linking up today. I'm planning on giving these feet chics a try with my son this week. They are one of my favourite Easter crafts to do for Easter from back in my teaching days!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love using feet in art. I made a wreath with my son's foot tracing for Christmas.

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