Creative Tips!

**Use ziplock baggies to organize craft supplies. Label with permanent marker. (Yeah, I organized the craft drawers yesterday! Let's see how long it stays neat before the girls destroy it!!)

**Don't throw away your little plastic apple sauce containers; they make great water or paint holders for your little artists!

**Create charade cards for a family fun game. Play in teams with Daddy, too. For younger children, draw little pictures for them to act out.

**Using washable markers, draw little faces on your chidren's toes. Yes, I said toes!! They will have fun having a conversation with thier little tootsies. (TOE TALK from 365 ways to a SMARTER PRESCHOOLER)

**Connect the literature you are reading to your child with a follow up activity. For example: Have your child paint or draw a picture of the main idea in the story or search online for crafts relating to the story.

**File those creative ideas! If you find a learning article or fun activity, but don't have time to do it right away, file it for later. I keep a file in my file cabinet labeled Learning Ideas.

**Keep a junk box for your child that is filled with recycled materials. It is amazing what they can create out of junk. Things to include: paper towel rolls, small boxes, yarn, small plastic containers, spools, popsicle sticks or tongue depressors, scraps of fabric, straws, etc. If you need a quick activity with the kids, it is right at your fingertips!

**To help eliminate clutter from all of your child's precious artwork, take pictures and create a photo album of their work. This takes up less space, but still provides you with memories. Keep a few favorites to frame and hang on the wall!

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