Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Glimpses of Summer

So hard to say goodbye to Summer days!


Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Learning Room Organization

.....on a budget!!

This is what I've been busy working on this past week!  So glad to have our school supplies organized- Woo Hoo!  Still have other side of room to clean-yeash.  Wish me luck! 
Cyberschool starts Sept. 6th for us.

Happy Back to School!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

You Can Name 100 Trucks!

 Little Man's new love..... You Can Name 100 Trucks!

Recently, we checked this out of our local library.  Little man hasn't been able to put it down.  It has pages of different trucks on it- 100 to be exact.  They are pictured in different scenes and labeled.  He'll sit by himself on the coach and look at it.  He calls them car-cars, even though they are trucks.  At one time he did call them trucks, but now everything with wheels is a car-car now.  He'll flip through the book and chatter- "big car-car...... red car-car..."  Then he'll hand me the book, so that I can tell him the actual names of the trucks as he points at them. 

I thought I'd share this book, being it has been such a hit with him.  Maybe you have a truck lover at home, too.  While I was searching for a pic of this book, I noticed that there were more books in this series.

You Can Name 100 Cars, Trains, Boats And Planes 

You Can Name 100 Dinosaurs!

We'll have to check out these two book next trip to the library!

I hope you enjoy your day,

Monday, August 22, 2011

Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

How about you, you, you??? 

I spy a giraffe!  Can you find it?
 We've been working on our summer bucket list before our summer sadly comes to a close.  One of the items on our list this year was the ZOO.  We love, love, love going to the zoo!   Fun and learning for all ages.

I could watch the seals all day!  Pictured is a mom trying to get
her baby in the water, but the baby is disobeying.
"I'm just a little bit bigger than a newborn."
"Look how tall I am, Mom."

Little man enjoying the aquarium
Water fun before we leave- look at the rainbow- isn't it awesome?
More Zoo fun.................. 123 to the Zoo Board Book¬†¬† [123 TO THE ZOO BOARD BK-BO] [Board Books] 

Great for toddlers and babies!
Beginning counting and word recognition: animals.
Little man loves the choo choo at the bottom of each page.

National Geographic Kids

Recently, I purchased a subsciption of National Geographic Kids for the girls.  Fun and informative, the kids read it often and share tid bits with Mom and Dad.


Sunshine, age 9, just finished reading Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard Atwater for a summer reading project.  She said that her favorite part was when Mr. Popper brought home the first penguin and the mother didn't even react. 

 "Mom, there is no way you would let a penguin in our house and act like it was nothing."

Fun Zoo song- music, dance, and pretend play!

Zoo crafts and activities
*Free zoo crafts/printable from Kids Soup
*Safari crafts and more from Busy Bee Kids for both big and little kids

More zoo activities for big kids
*Research favorite zoo animal and create a documentary- dress up and film show
*Create clay animals with model magic
*Create animal puppets and write a short play, act out for others, include animal facts
*Take photos at zoo and create a scrapbook or Power Point presentation
*Create a cartoon- feature zoo animals

I'd love to have you on Facebook with me.  Stop on by and comment, share your ideas, activities, and links relating to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!  If your not a fan of facebook, be sure to comment below.  Looking forward to hearing your ideas.


Disclosure: The above books, etc. weren't given to me, nor was I compensated for posting them.  Just my opinion which may differ from others. I am an Amazon Affiliate.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Compass Inn Museum: Our History Adventure

One last mini-vacation for the family! This past week the family traveled for a few days for some summer fun. Our first stop- The Compass Inn Museum.
We went back in time to the 1800's by touring the restored Inn that was furnished with artifacts from that time period. The common room, serving kitchen, ladies parlor, and bedrooms were toured.  We learned a lot about how people lived in the past and how different it was to travel and stay at a hotel in the 1820 compared to today! 

Besides touring the original Inn, we also had the opportunity to tour three reconstructed outbuildings: a cookhouse, blacksmith shop, and a barn.

Conestoga Wagon

Old sleds and Artifacts

Our tour guide... sharing information about the stagecoach with us.

Hmmm.... I wonder what is in here?? 

Bunny ears... really? And Peanut- where's your smile?

All this walking and learning- I'm pooped Mom and Dad!

A really neat glad that we went!  Even teacher Mom learned a lot.  Sunshine (age 9) seemed to be really interested and asked a lot of questions. She has been "into" history lately. Peanut (age 7) really enjoyed the Museum, but commented about 1/2 way through that "my brain is full."  All in all- a beautiful day for learning and spending time together.  (scolded a bit for sneaking in learning during our vacation.  he, he)

Take Care,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Star Fish Art

Last week, I posted about a book that we enjoyed titled Star of the Sea.  I didn't get a chance to post photos of the art project that was integrated with the literature, so I thought I'd share our finished creations today.

The book....
Star of the Sea: A Day in the Life of a Starfish

The art process....

The final product....

Artist: Sunshine- age 9

Artist: Peanut-age 7

 A little messy, but so much fun! 


For those who missed my last post, here is the links for instructions....

Our thanks goes out to Superheroes and Princesses, who shared the idea of marbled painting with shaving cream. Her children made a reading mural after painting fish. We painted starfish for our activity. I cut them out after drawing them on old Manila folders. The kids made backgrounds on poster board for their sea stars, too. So much fun!

Be sure to visit Superheroes and Princesses for more detailed instructions. She has a link to another blog that featured fall leaves with this same method of painting- very cool!

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