Sunday, April 18, 2010

Interview with an Animal

Lately my girls have been getting into creative writing, especially my six year old. She loves making up stories, writing menus, etc. and I'm so glad that she isn't hindered by her invented spelling. So many kids get stuck on the spelling that they don't let the ideas flow.

Anyways, I've been thinking about how much fun it would be for the girls to write an interview for an animal that they are interested in, but don't know a lot about. They can pretend that they are newscasters on a television show like the Animal Planet. In order to write the interview though, they are going to need to research their animal first. What questions do they want to ask their animal?

Okay, my eight year old just came in and is looking over my shoulder as I write.
"Can I interview our new hamster?"
"Don't you already know a lot about hamsters?"
"Yes, but I want to pretend that it can talk back to me."

Funny,we don't even have our new hamster yet. Now how can I tell her no. She wants to be creative and pretend a hamster is talking to her and she wants to write. So now there you have it- another creative writing idea. Have your child write an interview to his or her pet- just for fun, just to be creative!

Fun ideas for publishing the interview-
*newspaper or magazine article
*act it out with props(table, microphone,poster, etc)
*puppet show (puppet making ideas! )

More writing fun:

Writing Activities for Kids at Home

Great Places to Research Animals:
National Geographic Kids
Animal Planet
Enchanted Learning

What animal do you think your child would like to interview?

Enjoy your day!


The Activity Mom said...

Great idea! So creative. I'd love to see what they come up with. =)

Melissa Taylor said...

Fun idea, thanks! I think we'll try it -- if I can convince my eight year old who is "all grown-up" to imagine again . . .

Jen said...

Oh, Melissa- I hope that your 8 year old doesn't grow up too fast! I can relate though- my little girl is going to be 8 tomorrow. I actually did activities like this with my 4th through 6th graders. Once they got into it- they forgot that they were trying to grow up so fast. Loved to watch them just being kids again! I even had 6 graders doing puppet shows. They made them for a younger audience.

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