Thursday, October 9, 2008

Question of the Night???

If you were a grownup what would you drive??

Peanut (age 4): I would drive a pink minivan that has flowers on it and fireworks.

Sunshine Girl (age 6) : a purple convertible limosine that has lightening streaks across it.

All I can say is: Wow! I guess that means it would be a-ok with my kids if I actually drove the Mystery Machine! (Gotta love Scooby!)
Hmmmm! I wonder how much it would cost??? Oh, I would be the coolest, I mean grooviest mama on the block!

What will your children be driving???? I just have to know!! Be sure to post your kid's creative responses!


ParentingPink said...

Awesome van! Where did you see it? I need one of these! LOL

Btw, loved your new Usbourne books site. I had an idea & wanted to run it by you - if you would like to "guest post" on my blog next Friday for "Favorite book Friday" and pick one of your Usbourne books to review, that would be great! Or, I can review one for you. Thought it might help get you a little publicity and give you an opportunity to link to your new Usbourne site via mine. Up to you - just a thought :-)

Happy Friday!

Amy Short said...

Wow!! Did you actually FIND the Mystery Machine?!? I love fun questions like that with kids. The answers are always fabulous. :o) Amy

Jen said...

I think I googled the Mystery Machine and found it that way! I hope there isn't any copyright on the photo?? If you own this Mystery Van, please let me know if you mind me posting your photo!!!!

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