Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Curious About Curious George!

Conversation between my four year old and I after discussing why animals in the zoo can't live back in the wild:

"Mommy, The man in the yellow hat doesn't have a wife."
"Do you think he should have a wife?"
"No, he has George, but George should go back to the jungle. He is too wild in the house."

I couldn't help but laugh. Every day is exciting with kids, because we never know what interesting words will be coming out of their precious little mouths.
I've been a fan of Curious George ever since I was a child and was very excited to share him with my girls through literature. We also enjoyed the movie in the theater and now enjoy watching George in the morning on PBS. Visit PBS kids to play games with Curious George. My four year old just loves this site! I've noticed that they have a lot of resources for parents on the site as well. I need to take a closer look, because some of the activities suggested look interesting!
Also, to read more about Curious George and the history behind his creators,H. A. and Margret Rey, visit here: Curious about George

Do you have a favorite Curious George book? Comment and leave the title of your favorite!

My favorite: Curious George Goes to the Hospital


ParentingPink said...

Awww! Too cute! Four is such a cute age...and she' right...George may be happier in the jungle :-)

I think it's great that your daughters are taking gymnastics too. I love watching them "perform." LOL Wow! Your poor little baby - can't believe she broke her arm!

Unknown said...

I still love Curious George after all these years. I loved her comments. She is too sweet.

By the way, Kohl's has a stuffed Curious George animal and book for $5.00 each.

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