Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cool Thinking Game!!

I was hanging out with my little sis the other day when she pulled out this really cool thinking game. She pulled out a little card that had a category and then pulled out a letter card.

For example:
Category: Instrument
The object of the game is to think of something in that category that begins with the letter chosen. Answers: trombone, tuba, etc.

Another example: She pulled out the category body part and then the letter P. The first thing that came to my mind??? Yes, you guessed it!! I was waiting in suspense to see what my 6 year old nephew would say- his response: pupil. When my daughter came in the room, I asked her. Her little face turned red and she giggled. The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree! (I did teach my girls the anatomically correct words!) Just curious, what was the first thing that came to mind for you?? Boy, I'm so mature! LOL Anyways, I shouldn't be surprised by the answers my nephew came up with being he came out of the womb of a highly gifted woman. I've always been amazed by my little sister's intellectual ability and her son has been gifted with her amazing brainy genes. A little background on my sis- when she was 7 she played scrabble with adults- she actually came up with the word vug. When an adult challenged her, she told them that it was a crevice in the side of a rock. Here is the definition from Wikipedia: Vugs are small to medium-sized cavities inside rock that may be formed through a variety of processes. Most commonly cracks and fissures opened by tectonic activity (folding and faulting) are partially filled by quartz, calcite, and other secondary minerals. What 7 year old knows this??? When I was in college, I would have my little sis edit my papers and so on... Back to the game. Well, we had fun playing this for a little while when I said- "Hey, where did you buy this anyways? I'd love to have this for home!" My sister's response- "You're creative,just make your own." Oh yeah, I could do that and save $$. So this will be my next project. To make category cards!! She even suggested using scrabble tiles for the letters. Intellectual and creative!! Boy, she has all of the luck!!
Here are a few of my ideas that I just thought of for categories: fruits, veges, boy's names, girl's names, jungle animals, something you'd find at the beach, colors, furniture, sports, flowers
If you have a good category, send it my way!!

Also, if you don't have or want to put the time into making your own cards, the game that we played came from Discovery Toys! The name of the game is Whiz Kidz. I just googled it and came up with this site!! Just click on the link above if interested in learning more about this game.

Enjoy your Wednesday!!



Lynnie said...

My whole family LOVES games and we are constantly making up our own (actually, a recent game is today's post on my blog, too!). Our favorite verbal game is "Name 3" in which one player says "Name 3 Birds" (for example) and the others try to name three without repeating. My 2 year old even plays, though we often let her off the hook with just one! We'll definitely try your sister's!

ParentingPink said...

Love the thinking game! We play something similar with our daughters too. Isn't it great?

Preschool Playbook said...

I like this game. Sounds fun!

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