Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Little "Mummies"

It is official! The girls have chosen their Halloween costumes- two little Mummies!! They are going to look so cute being wrapped up. I actually did this to my baby sister (who is 27 now!!) when she was 3 years old. It was so funny!! I'll have to search through the old photos to show my kiddos. So if the girls are being mummies,this means that there might be a Mamma and Pappa mummy, too. Yes, I love dressing up with the girls.(I haven't really grown up myself yet! LOL Only when I really have to- being responsible with bills, work, etc.)I force my husband into it, too. I think he pretends he doesn't like it, because he loves seeing the girls faces light up when they see their Daddy dressed up for trick-or-treat night! When the girls were only 3 and 1 we dressed as royalty. They were little fairy princesses, I was the Queen, and my husband was the King. He wore this tall red velvet King hat. I felt bad because many of the dad's trick-or-treating were teasing him calling him the "Midas" guy from the commercial. I think he will like the Mummy idea, especially being he can hide behind all of his wrappings!!
Maybe you'll be having a little mummy running around this Halloween, too. If so, check out these websites for homemade mummy costume ideas!!

HERSHEY's Trick or Treats

365 Halloween Crafts

Have more fun with mummies!!

Craft ideas

Toilet Paper role mummy

Yummy Mummies

Moveable Mummies

Well, looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me! Need to create 4 mummy costumes!!

Take Care!



Lynnie said...

I will definitely check those website out! One of mine wants to be a rocket; the other still wants to be a ferris wheel. We're going to try it! Be sure to post some pictures of your mummy family!

Jen said...

Lynnie: Wow! What creative ideas! I love the rocket and the ferris wheel idea. Hmmm. I wonder how the ferris wheel will turn out. You will have to post pictures, too. Now I'm curious!!

Jen said...

Those should be some really cute Halloween pictures!


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