Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Leaf Fun!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to read to and teach a craft to 15 four year olds! Oh, it was so much fun, especially since I was born with a biological gene to teach kids!! Anyways, I wanted to share the book and activity just in case it was something that you would enjoy doing with your preschooler (or older child).

Fall Leaf Fun

Book: When the Leaf Blew In by Steve Metzger

Materials: Felt (Fall colors), Tissue paper (fall colors), glue stick, construction paper, leaf pattern

Prep: Cut up small pieces of felt and tissue paper(fall colors)into small squares. (Not too small so that little hands can't handle them)
Trace a leaf pattern onto yellow construction paper and cut out.

1. Show your child the cover of the book. Ask them to make a prediction about what they think the book will be about. Read story.

2. At the end of story, ask what started all of the commotion with the barn animals (the leaf blew in the barn). Ask what colors they see on the back cover- orange, yellow, red, etc. on the fall tree.

3. Next, tell your child that they get to create their own leaf with fall colors. Give them the materials. They can use both tissue paper and felt or choose what they would like.

Ways to adapt this activity: Child can paint or color their leaf or add different materials- glitter glue, etc.

Extensions:Discuss the science behind fall leaves. Check out this website:

If you choose to do this with more than one child, you can display their leaves on a homemade or store-bought tree to decorate for fall!

I'll be traveling with my family to the mountains next weekend. I can't wait to observe all of the beautiful fall leaves! I'll be sure to post some pics!!

Have a great "fall" day!


Preschool Playbook said...

Hi agian Jen. I love this idea--also love the book. The world is missing a wonderful teacher, but there are two little girls that are being raised in an environment anyone would be envious of. Beautiful to see.

Jen said...

Thank you so much! What a sweet thing to say! (you even brought a tear to my eye!) I do miss teaching,so I take advantage of any oppotunity to work with children- volunteer at Preschool, camps, science enrichment opportunities, etc. I don't regret for a second spending more time with my children, though. They are growing up sooo fast!
I enjoy reading what you are doing with your little ones in class, too! Have a wonderful week!


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