Monday, March 29, 2010

Alphabet Eggs: Story and Craft

What is the Easter Bunny to do? All of his painted eggs are ruined and it's the day before Easter. Oh no, all of the children are going to be disappointed. Luckily, a family of little bunnies come to the rescue just in time in The Bunnies' Alphabet Eggs by Lisa Bassett. What happens when the bunnies create alphabet eggs? Will the children like the unique Easter eggs? You'll have to read to find out!

My girls enjoyed the story and said that they liked looking at the illustrations best. After we read the story, we painted our own alphabet eggs. I had the kids paint the letters that would spell: "Happy Easter". After they were done painting, I connected the eggs to make Easter garland. Doesn't it look cute on our mantle?

To make your own Easter Egg Garland, you will need:

Paint(we mixed white with primary colors to get Spring shades)
11 egg paper cut outs
Curling ribbon

I assigned different letters and colors to the girls so that the letters made a color pattern.

Sunshine decided to get creative with the left-over eggs!

For another fun alphabet egg activity go to- Teach Mama: Alphabet eggs puzzle

Happy Easter!

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