Friday, September 5, 2008

Sparkly Pants???

Oh, what to do with a pair of pink, sparkle pants? Recently, Sunshine overheard me talking about a craft that I was planning for my mother's group. all you magazine had a fun fabric craft pictured on the front of their August cover: decorative storage boxes. For our first craft, I was looking for something that was useful and easy to make. Once she saw what we were making, she just had to make a fabric covered pencil holder for her new teacher. After searching at Grammy's house for fabric, she actually found a pair of pink sparkly pants to cut up to be used for her craft. I didn't realize when I was planning that this would be good craft for kids, also. Here are some ideas!!

Empty shoe box: organize photos or for a memory box filled with notations, make a card center- store cards for birthdays and other holidays
Small box: create a recipe box or fancy gift box
Tin can: pencil or scissor holder
Large box: magazine storage or toy storage

Choose fabrics that match the decor of the room where you will be storing the box.
Kids can choose whatever they fancy- maybe pink sparkly fabric if they are anything like my girls, the sparklier- the better!!

Here are the directions from all you magazine:

1.Measure the top and lip of the box lid, and add 1" to the length and width; cut a piece of fabric that size. Using a paintbrush, apply Mod Podge to the top of the lid;center it one he reverse side of the fabric. Cut a square from each corner of the fabric, then fold it up the side and over the lip, adding extra Mod Podge at the edges.

2.Cut a second strip of fabric to cover the box, with a little left over to tuck under the bottom and over the top edge. Apply Mod Podge to the sides of the box and lay it on the reverse side of the fabric. Wrap the fabric around the box, tucking the ends underneath and over the edge. Use more Mod Podge as needed. Adhere labels to the finished boxes.

all you: Issue 8, August 29,2008

Be creative with your kids! You can create something for Mom, while the kids are creating!

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ParentingPink said...

Great idea! With three girls, I have tons of sparkly pants at my house just waiting to be made into cute little boxes!

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