Sunday, September 28, 2008

Creative Pancakes!

Brownie Pancakes? This was a first for my daughters this morning! I usually use fruit in my pancakes, so they were thrilled to try pancakes with one of their favorite sweets in them. When we walked in the door for church this morning, their little faces lit up when they saw what they were going to eat for breakfast club (they feed the kids at the earlier service- cool, huh?). Anyways, the point of my post today is to see if anyone out there has any other interesting pancake recipes that they would like to share! I usually just cook blueberry, so please send some creative ideas my way!! Comment with your favorite pancake and I'll have a pancake day with the girls and let you know what we think!! Who knows, maybe a new recipe will come your way that you'd like to try, also!


ParentingPink said...

Oh, we love pancakes too! I toss in mashed banana (be sure to mash it, because the pancakes cook more evenly as opposed to having chunks of banana), blueberries, and sometimes, a little strawberry. Mmmmmm! I figure, the more fruit I can pack in, the better!

Jen said...

Now I'm hungry for pancakes and it's dinner time!! I think I am going to try mashed banana with strawberry!! said...

I like pecans or macadamia nuts in mine!


Jen said...

I love macadamia nuts! Thanks for the suggestion!!

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