Saturday, September 13, 2008

Meet Mr. Grasshead!

Had to share him! Especially to those of you who enjoyed my garden post, how could I not share Mr. Grasshead with you!! Okay, I have to admit. I did not do this with my children. It was their creative Aunt Kimmy! I'm not sure where she found this idea, but the girls loved it. I think she put soil in a sock with grass seeds in the top. Kim- please comment if I am wrong on the directions! Emmy cut out felt pieces for a face and Aunt Kimmy helped sew the pieces on to the sock. (A bit complicated for me!) Look at the grass hair- hysterical, isn't it?? I want to crack up when I look at him, but I might get in trouble with my daughters. We will probably give him a haircut soon! Well, Guess what? I actually have a few other ideas for growing grass that I've done with my students or have read online, etc.

Mr. Potato Heads

1. Cut the bottom off of a potato in order for it to be able to stand up.
2. Scoop out a small pit in the top of the head of the potato.
3. Decorate a face on the potato with permanent marker.
4. Cut out small hands from construction paper and tape on toothpicks for arms.
5. Put a cotton ball in the pit.
6. Add grass seed.
7. Water and put by sunlight.
8. Observe grass hair growing out of potato heads!!!

Egg Heads

Similar to above- found great instructions on the link below.
My suggestion would be to be really careful with the egg yolk. I'd clean it out myself and then put the soil into it. I'd let me child decorate it and put the seeds in, but to each his own.

CHA CHA Chia Head

For those who want to stay away from food, try this simple activity! Click below!

Okay, one more photo of Mr. Grasshead before I go- just to make you chuckle a bit- I hope!! Here's a close up!
Many Smiles,

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Amy Short said...

That is hysterical!! I've seen that done with a cup but never a sock. That is creative! :o) Amy

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