Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An APPLE Afternoon!

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With fall right around the corner, I can't help but think of pumpkins, fall leaves, and APPLES!! I love going to the pumpkin farm to pick out my pumpkins in October, but why not visit the farm early to pick some apples with your child. When Sunshine was in preschool, we took a tour of a apple farm and learned all about apples, apple picking, and making apple cider. I actually learned a new thing or two about this delicious and healthy snack. Here are some ideas for planning an Apple Afternoon!!

Visit a local farm that produces apples. Pick out a variety of apples with your child. Look into a tour and enjoy the day!

Observe the different types of apples. If you can't make it to the farm, take your child to a grocery store to pick out apples. My children enjoy picking out their own fruits and veges and weighing them on the scale. Fun way to tie in a little bit of math!! Also, combine with a little critical thinking- How are the apples alike? How are they different? Which apple is your favorite and why?? The key is to ask open ended questions to get kids to think!

Cut open an apple at home. Observe what the inside looks like. Let your child pick out the seeds and discuss how this fruit grows. Share fun facts about apples with your kids! Click here for cool facts!

Apple painting: take a small piece of the apple that you explored to make apple prints. Dip the apple in paint and press on construction paper!

Apple math:
Cut apple in half and then in fourths to teach fractions- Whole, 1/2 and 1/4.
Apple addition and subtraction- make up little story problems and let your child create story problems. Example: One day a little bear had 5 apples,but one rolled down the hill. How many apples does little bear have now??

Make Carmel apples-Yum!! Let your child roll the Carmel apple in sprinkles or chocolate chips!! Remember the inside of the treat is healthy!!

Easy apple snack: Slice an apple. Have yogurt, Carmel, or peanut butter for dipping!

Sip warm apple cider while you read a few books from your local library about apple picking. Don't forget about Johnny Appleseed!!

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I'll have to plan an apple afternoon soon! Let me know if you'll be having one and/or any other apple ideas.

Have a great day!



ParentingPink said...

Well, I had no idea you were also born in 1972! You are right - we have lots in common ;-) Aqua Net & all!

I love picking apples with my daughters too. We try to go to the orchard every year. My girls typically end up eating most of them before we get home! Love the "math" idea too. You are very creative!

Preschool Playbook said...

My apple ideas are still about a week away. We don't get to do much in the three year class with the apples because we are only there the two days, but the Pre-K class does. Our class used to go to an apple farm every year to watch them make cider and apple butter. I loved it, but the parents started complaining about bees. Oh well.
The one apple idea I know I was going to post is very similar to one of yours--great minds think alike!

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