Thursday, September 4, 2008

Confessions of a Creative Clutter Queen

Oh no! My eldest daughter is slowly, but surely turning into her mother! The good habits-GREAT, but now I see the bad habits forming. In this case, the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree! Anyone who knew me as a child has no doubt in their mind that this child came from my womb.

My daughters CRAFT CORNER: what happened over there???? How can she even find a marker or the glue??

I confess! I am a Closet Clutterer. Only my closest,dearest friends know this about me. Part of the problem is my creative, impulsive, possible ADD nature! It's hard to be organized when you have so many new and exciting ideas popping into your brain. I guess it can be a blessing or a curse. Here is a test for you to see if you are a Creative Clutter Queen! You might be if............

1. You are excited to find your blue
terry-cloth shorts- from the 1980's!!

2. You have loads of clean clothes scattered in piles
throughout the house, but your dresser and closets are empty.

3. You have lots and lots of creative masterpieces
done by your little Picasso!

4. You can't park your car in your garage,
not because you don't know HOW to park
it, but you can't fit it in with all of the STUFF!

5. Your child's bassinet is still at the bottom of your bed and she is over 4 years old! (Now that's bad- I'm being sentimental while some poor baby can be using it! Shame on me!)

6. Books, Books, and More Books!!
Found in every room in the house, even the bathroom.

7. Toys add decorative flair to every room,
not just your child's room anymore.
Toys in the l.r., d.r. and scattered everywhere else!!
(Time to donate and/or sell, sell, sell!)

8. Your husband is frustrated because you keep recycled materials that you will have a use for later!

9. Oh no, was that bill due yesterday?
Who put that under those papers on my desk??

and lastly- you might be a Closet Clutter Queen if....

10. Your rental video is late because it somehow
got mixed in with the toys, books,or the laundry pile that
hasn't been put away!!

On a serious note-Is there possible hope for me or my children to dig out of the chaos? I think so. It is just going to take some time. If you struggle with clutter, procrastination, and/or organization, you will have to visit Flylady! Her suggestions are awesome and she has lots of encouraging words and tools to share!! I'm going to try to be disciplined and start again with her babystep plan! Blogging doesn't help though- I'm enjoying this creative outlet a little too much. I was doing really well and then started to slip back into old habits. I hope that my confessions today will help other moms who struggle with the same things to laugh at themselves and realize that there is hope amongst the clutter!!

1 comment:

ParentingPink said...

I love this post! And, I'm afraid to admit - I have the same issue! However, I would be super excited if I could find my terry shorts from the 80's...maybe my banana clip too!

Anyway, your scenerios are right-on and they have inspired me to "clean up" a little (or a lot depending on how you look at things).

Thanks for the sweet comments about my "blog redesign". I wanted it to be a fun, happy, and funny place for moms to visit :-)

I'm going to set you up on my blogroll too!

Have a great weekend!

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