Friday, September 19, 2008

Sink or Float?

Yesterday afternoon, my sunshine girl popped her head into the kitchen and pleaded with me, "Mom, can we please do a science experiment?" Hmmm. I'm right in the middle of something, I'm thinking, but what can I do quick that won't take up too much time??? Ool, I know a sink and float experiment!!
"Sure. What do you think about a Sink or Float experiment?"
Her eyes lit up, so I knew that I had won! I told her and her little sis to run around the house and collect a bunch of small objects.

Here is what they found:
a straw
a coin
a small ball of playdo
a small cucumber
a tomato
a sticky note
a plastic toy
a piece of fuzz
a Popsicle stick
a pin
a craft googly eye

All mom had to do was fill up a large bin with water! I also set out two different colored plates so that they could put the floaters on one side and the sinkers on the other to compare. They had fun predicting which ones they thought would float or sink. They guessed one at a time. Eventually, Dad peeked in the kitchen to see what was going on and decided that he wanted to experiment, too! He had fun guessing with the girls and they enjoyed having us both involved. After we were finished with all of the objects, we discussed why we felt the results turned out the way they did. So simple, but a memory created (thanks to sunshine's curiosity)!

I'm not going to tell you which things floated or sunk!! You'll have to try the experiment to find out! Have fun!

For more family fun with Sinking and Floating- Check out Brain Pop Jr.



Maren said...

Hey Jen, thanks for looking at my blog! Don't you love how interested kids are in everything? My kids are always trying out new things, and we've had some pretty interesting experiments going on the the kitchen, backyard, etc. Like the time the girls wanted to see vinegar and baking soda react. Their older brother showed them how to blow the lid of bottles with the soda vineagar mix, and they were so impressed!

Jen said...

Maren: Oh, that's a lot of fun, too! Another idea for a explosive reaction-You can make paper rockets and wrap it around a small film canister. (tape it on) You put 1/2 tab of aAlkaseltzer (sp?) tablet and water. The lid of the film canister should be on the bottom of the rocket. Shake it up and hopefully- 3 2 1 blastoff!! If I can find the pattern for the rocket online, I'll be sure to post it. Take Care! Jen

Jen said...

Yeah- I found a good site on NASA! Visit to learn more about paper rockets!!!

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