Sunday, September 14, 2008

Must Have Makeover!

With the busyness of raising our children and taking care of our homes, all of us need to get a makeover every once in while to feel at our best! I came across two of the best hair and makeup artists that I've come across in a long time and highly recommend them. They are excited and passionate about their craft. I will be sure to post photos of their work below and please comment if you are interested in their very affordable services.

Interesting Eye-shadow Technique

Creative Hair-do

Hey, Thanks for making me BEAUTEOUS, Girls!

[Hair and Makeup: Abby and Emmy- ages 6 and 4]

Okay, I can't believe I am posting those photos! Oh well, we just have to laugh at ourselves sometimes, right? Now to the point of this post- using your imagination! Boy did the girls have fun giving Mom a makeover this week! My husband and I enjoy pretending to be different characters with our girls. When I get a turn to be the hairstylist, I am known as Miss LuLu with ze' accent! Too much fun. Other suggestions for make-believe:

Store: Grab some fruit or veges from the kitchen and set up your own stand. Play with real money to help children learn their coins. Put paper price tags on or near the items.

Post Office: Take turns being the mail carrier. Let your child write little notes and send them to each other.

Castle: Sometimes we pretend we are Queens and Princesses and address each other this way for a period of time.
"Queen Mama- can I please have a drink of royal juice?"
"Why of course, Princess Emmy."
This is a great way to play make believe with them if you are busy with housework, etc. but they are still trying to get some attention from Mom.

Monster: Of course every child loves Mom or Dad to chase them through the house and pretend that they are the monster. Dad is good for this, especially right before Mom is scheduled to put them to bed. Thanks, Dad!! (Ha, Ha.)

When children see Mom or Dad getting into character, it gives them the freedom to use their own imagination. What will you play today? Share you ideas!!

Have a great day!!

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