Friday, December 18, 2009

Yummy Christmas Trees!

The girls loved making these edible Christmas Trees!

I found the idea on the blogosphere and can kick myself for not writing down where. I'd like to give the blog some recognition- so Thank you, mystery blogger!

This was a simple activity to organize.
Here's what you need:

frosting, green food coloring, mini-mnm's, and sugar cones

They liked putting in their own food coloring and mixing up the frosting. We used butter knives to put the frosting on the cone. Also, I put a little frosting on the bottom of the cone and stuck it to wax paper on a small plate.

Merry Christmas!



zobars said...

Wow this looks like a wonderful project this christmas break. I hope it turns out as well for us. Also since you have kids I wanted to let you know about a new website started by my husband for math games for kids ages 5 and up and it is free too.
See if you like it. thanks.

The Activity Mom said...

I can't believe you haven't had your baby yet! How are you feeling? I still have 3 more weeks and can barely stand the wait. =)

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