Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordfull Wednesday: Talent Show 2009

Watch out world- here we come! Both girls decided to participate in this year's school talent show. Peanut chose to do a ballerina dance to Nutcracker music and Sunshine chose a gymnastics routine to the music- Who Let the Dog's Out! Mom and Dad were very proud of both of them for practicing so hard and then performing by themselves in front of hundreds of people. Here are some pics of the girls on their special night!

Peanut in her dress-up! The funny thing about this act is that she doesn't even take ballet lessons. Who am I though to stop her interpretation of how to dance creatively to the Nutcracker? Actually, based on her personality, my husband and I were shocked that she even got on stage- great for her confidence.

My little gymnast, Sunshine! She scared Momma bigtime with her act. During rehearsal, she fell on her face and got a bloody nose. She was determined to do back handsprings in the show even though this skill was pretty new. She ended up doing three on show night without an injury- phew! Can you tell who the extrovert is in the family?

Happy Wordless (or in my case wordfull) Wednesday! For more W.W., be sure to visit 5 Minutes for Mom.



Jana said...

Beautiful! Great capture of precious memories!!

ParentingPink said...

Oh, they are soooo cute! Love talent shows! How are your holidays coming along? We're busy here, but I love this time of year so it's lots of fun! Happy Holidays!

Amy Short said...

That is wonderful, adorable and totally fabulous. Great job girls and love the photos! Now put those feet up! ;o)

Susan Cook said...

Wow! That is great that they participated in the talent show! Very courageous. Great photos. So cute.

Happy WW!

debi9kids said...

WOW! Good for your girls! How fantastic! They both look adorable!

happy WW!

Unknown said...

Jen, your girls are adorable. Yes, I picked the outgoing one. Not difficult to do lol

I would have been a nervous wreck, too with the gymnastics and so great that your youngest came out of her shell.


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