Monday, December 14, 2009

Officially Banning Silly Putty!

Yesterday, I came home with a glob of silly putty stuck in my couch cover. Sunshine, my 7 year old, was the culprit who left it sitting on the couch and hubby was the one who smooshed it with his behind. Let's just say that Mom was not happy. Now before you judge and say- Oh, it's just a couch cover- it is just a material thing, you have to understand something about me and my home. I live very simply. I've never had brand new furniture. My living room table and end table were $20 at a yard sale that I refinished. My couch is older than dirt- therefore why the couch cover is important to me. I purchased it years ago for about $90 because what I really needed was new couch, but didn't have enough money to purchase one. Therefore, a cover was the next best thing.

Over the years, I have found writing on the walls, marker stained into my living room tables, and paint spills on the floor. I've told the family- this is the one thing I'd like to keep nice, so when I found the putty stuck into it- you should have seen my face!

Well, to make a long story short- after a half and hour of scraping, picking, wet-toweling, I actually got most of the putty off of the couch. My daughter's reaction-Sheeew-Thank goodness, I didn't want to have to do chores to get a new one!

If you have silly putty stuck somewhere around your house, even on your child, here are a couple of links with advice:

Remove Silly Putty from Carpet

Reomve Silly Putty from Hair

Silly putty- although a creative tool, is officially banned from my presence, for now anyways.

Have a great day!!



Maximus said...

Thank goodness you were able to get most all out! My Ben...when he was two got into my black nail polish and it is still all over my couch! Let me just say that I feel your pain. :o)

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

Yikes! I'm not looking forward to moments like that...

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