Friday, June 15, 2012

Ocean Sensory Bin

I've seen many beach themed sensory bins around the blogosphere that I absolutely adored, so I decided to make one for little man.  Let's just say it was a BIG hit!  He must have played for an hour or more. 

Dollar store toys: dolphin, submarines, fish, shark
Water Beads

 We played with and without water.  It's hard to see the water beads above, but little man had fun playing with them in the water. 

Water and sensory play all in one!

Here are the beads with very little water- above.

Big sisters couldn't resist, either!

Little man just looked over my shoulder and yelled..
"Seashells!  I play and water!"

Do you have a summer themed sensory bin to share?
Just leave a link in the comments!



Blond Duck said...

What do sensory bins do?

Jen said...

Blond Duck.. Good questions! I wasn't aware of sensory bins with my first 2 children until they went to preschool. They are great for fine-motor skills, beginning math skills- transferring, free-play, and more. Here's a great blog post that goes into more detail..

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