Monday, March 5, 2012

Monster Match Activity

Aren't these monsters cute?  I fell in love with these little guys the first time that I saw them on a tissue box in the store. I knew that after the tissues were gone, I could use the container for something. 

First, the box was used to store Little Man's pom poms.  After multiple uses though, the box started to fall apart.  Just as I was going to throw it away, those little monster eyes looked up at me and I just couldn't do it! So what did I do?  I cut out those little monsters and turned them into a matching game. Yeah!  

Super cute,huh? 

Enjoy your day being creative!



The Activity Mom said...

great way to upcycle! Love it!

The Blonde Duck said...

So cute!

Chels said...

Great use for a fun tissue box! Next time I buy tissues I won't go for plain!

Emily Kate said...

What a great idea for reusing the tissue box!

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