Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spooooky Story Starters!

Spend some time with the family being creative by sharing in the fun of writing.  Here are just a few fun story starters that we used this evening during a group writing activity....

I couldn't believe my eyes....

It was a spooky night...

Oh no, my new neighbor is a .....

I wrote down the starters on paper and folded them.
Next, we each picked one. (Participants- Sunshine(9), Peanut(7), and Mom)

This was the story that we would start.
-Write for 5 minutes and then pass the page to the person on your right. 
-Read what the person wrote, then write for 3 minutes.
-Continue passing and writing until the paper gets back to the original writer.  They will finish the story. 
-Lastly, read each story out loud to see how the stories turned out! 

Even my daughter who complains about writing, loved this activity! And my little writer was in her glory. 

More scary starters from Scholastic

Have a spooktacular evening....


Chels said...

Just in time for a 4 day weekend-- I was just thinking I needed some fun ideas for keeping them away from the TV! ☺
My daughter will like this activity a lot! My part of the story would probably be a little boring and unimaginative though. I'll have to be my son's scribe instead!

Lorie said...

What a great idea! I should try this with my stepdaughter this weekend! Thanks for stopping by Reading Confetti. I'm happily following you back!

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