Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Toddler Times: Chores for Little Ones

Isn't it great to see how proud a little one is when they accomplish something?  You can see the joy in their smile and the little sparkle in their eye- as if they are saying- "Yeah, I did it."  Well, little man gets this very cute look when he accomplishes tasks whether it be to finally get that train track attached or the ability to feed the frogs by himself.  This is his chore.  He gets to feed his little buddies their food pellets each day and he loves it!  The other day, I let him help me with the laundry.  I propped him up on the side of the washer and held him in place with one hand.  As he watched the water flow into the washer tub, I had him pour the cup of laundry soap in.  Next, I handed him clothing to throw into the tub. He got the hang of it real quick. I gave him a sticker for being such a great helper.  Another great chore for little ones is to let them help you wash their toys.  I give little man a baby wipe and he washes away! 

Other age appropriate chores for toddlers-
-help put away toys(make into a game, sing a clean up song)
-wash off coffee table with wipe or high chair tray
-clean own face and hands
-pass you books to put away in book case or basket

Remember this isn't about perfection, but about teaching and learning. Most chore charts or articles focus on 2 years old and up.   I think it just depends on the child.  Little man is only 19 months, but enjoys helping in little ways! 

Around the web- resources:
Age appropriate Chore Charts- About.com
Say Yes to Chores- Parents.com
My first chore chart (I like the ideas of pictures- can make own based on needs of child.)

Any other ideas?  Be sure to comment and let us know what you do to make chores fun in your house.

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