Friday, June 3, 2011

For the LOVE of Art

We've had an ARTFUL week in our household!  I love observing and listening to the kids while they create.  Why would I say listening?  Well, they hum as they work.  It is nothing less then blissful for them.  Here are a couple of examples of recent art work that they've created!  Enjoy the mini-art show......

Eric Carle inspired

Moving art

All Over Motif- focusing on color and shape

Butterfly Sculpture

Enjoy your day and have fun being CREATIVE!


ps.  To see how we create art like Eric Carle- visit this past post! :)


Patricia said...

I love the butterfly sculpture

Kelly said...

Very pretty. The humming part is sweet.

Grace said...

I always have a craft project lined up with my grand kids come for a visit.
We're a crafty family as well.

Yetsky said...

Cool artworks! We really need to encourage our kids, this is a stress reliever for them.

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