Monday, June 27, 2011

DIY Kids!

D.I.Y.: KidsJust sharing one of our fun finds from the library this week! 
DIY KIDS by Ellen and Julia Lupton is packed with ideas to keep your crafty kids busy.  The book includes instructions for kids to design thier own characters, lettering, patterns, invitations, pop-up cards, stuffed animals, magnets, fashions and more! 

The girls' favorite part of the book so far is the sketching fashions section.  I keep finding designs around the house.  A sketch book would come in handy for this project to keep designs in one place.  We still have a lot to explore in this book, so I'll probably be checking it out of the library again. :) 

What are you doing creative today?  My kiddos are making sock puppets at the moment.  Love the creative energy going on in his house this morning!!

Enjoy your Monday,

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