Friday, July 30, 2010

Meet Pezzettino!

It's exciting for us to find a book we've never read from an author that we admire.  At our most recent library visit, we came across Pezzettino by Leo Lionni.  What attracted me to the book was the title and the bright colors on the cover page. 

Little Pezzettino is so small he is convinced he must be a piece of somebody else. A wise man helps him discover the truth.

We enjoyed this unique story and how the characters are colorful shapes rather than animals or people.  It has such a beautiful lesson about self-acceptance. 

Creative Thinking Activity/Craft
After reading Pezzettino, give your child a handful of colorful squares.  You can use construction paper or colored foam. I cut out small foam squares.  Next, have your child make different figures with the squares.  How many unique objects/pictures can they make?  Encourage your child to creative a variety of pictures before gluing final project. (creative thinking skill- fluency) 

Next, have them choose one or more to create a picture.  Glue squares together on page.  Peanut made a giraffe and a heart with her squares and Sunshine made a letter, a heart, and Pezzettino.  Fun and easy craft to organize after reading the story!

Happy Reading and Creating,



Deborah Stewart said...

This looks like a book I will have to get for myself!

silly eagle books said...

Haven't read this one yet--looks great!

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