Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Baby Times! 14th Edition: Featuring Great Blogs

For today's Baby Times, I'm featuring a few blogs that often share great ideas to help enrich your baby's development. I hope that you'll enjoy them as much as I do and get a few new ideas for your little one!

Teach PreschoolTeach Preschool
Deborah has been a professional in the early childhood field for over 20 years.  Her website,Teach Preschool, promotes excellence in early childhood educations. 

One of her recent blog posts for baby-
At Play With Baby: Up and Down

Vanessa promotes literacy over at her blog, Silly Eagle Books, as she shares her reading adventures with her own child.  Her site is a wonderful resource for all ages, including babies.

One of her recent blog posts for baby-

Nicole is a former educator taking a break from her teaching career to raise her children.   Her passion for teaching has spilled over into her home. The Activity Mom shares wonderful hands-on learning activities for both babies and children.

One of her recent blog posts for baby-

What online resources do you enjoy reading that benefit your baby?

Enjoy your day,


silly eagle books said...

Thanks for featuring me, Jen! I am currently working on some more booklists for babies--soon I hope to have a nice list for everyone to use.

The Activity Mom said...

Jen, thanks so much for mentioning me today. This is a huge compliment coming from you and your great blog! =)

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting these. I'm going to check them out.

Deborah Stewart said...

I forget to look at my incoming links and just noticed that you shared my article with your readers. That was so sweet of you!

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