Sunday, June 27, 2010

Creative Summer Games!

Last week at Kidz Kamp was challenging, but sooo much fun. I helped with games for our "rookie" campers- ages 6-8. I had the pleasure to work with around 150 kids. (not all at the same time!) If you are working at a camp this summer or will be helping out with games for a family picnic, etc., I thought it would be fun to share a couple of the games that we played this week.

Water balloon Tarp Toss
Materials:two tarps and a large bin of water balloons

You can use a volleyball net or just tape a line between the two teams. The object of the game is to work as a team and toss the water balloon with the tarp across the net or line and have it land in the other teams tarp. The kids love this, especially if the balloon doesn't land in the tarp, but on them! Start with one balloon and then add a couple more and see how they do. Lots of fun- one of my favorite games. I actually learned this game teaching at Camp Invention.

Sponge Races
Materials- Sponges, 4 buckets, water

You need two or more teams (just get more buckets)for this wet and wacky relay.

The kids take turns filling up the sponge with water and racing down to the other bucket and squeezing as much water as they can into the other bucket and then racing back with the sponge for the next child in line. They want to be the first to win the race, but the object of the game is to have the most water in the bucket as well. Be prepared for the kids to go crazy with the sponges after racing. I got hit with a number of wet sponges last week!! Crazy fun for sure.

We also had helmets with buckets attached to the top and the kids tried to throw wet sponges into the buckets.

Beach Ball Fun
Beach Ball Relay: The kids had fun racing with the beach ball between their legs. Hard to do, but fun. Some of the kids would jump instead of run.

Partner Beach Ball Relay: You need two beach balls for this game-one for each team. Pair up the children. Put the beach ball between their backs. They must race with the beach ball trying to keep it from falling. If it does fall they need to reposition it and continue with the race.

Keep it Up: Very simple. You've probably played this with balloons. How many times can we hit the ball without it touching the ground. Can't touch the ball two times in a row!

Beach Ball Tarp Throw: Same as the water balloon toss game above, but you use a beach ball. Sheets work well for this game, also.

Marshmallow Dodge Ball
This was so much fun, but oh so sticky once the marshmallows started melting in the sun. I actually got stung by a bee later in the day as I was cleaning them up- just a word of caution. The kids just loved this, though. You'll only need one marshmallow per child, because they will just keep tossing all of the marshmallows back and forth at each other. I spray painted two lines far apart that they kids couldn't wail the marshmallows at each other. They had to stand between the lines to throw the marshmallows. What a fun battle to watch! I got hit with quite a few marshmallows myself!

Hula Hoop Fun
Hula Hoops are great for games and obstacles courses. One game that the kids have enjoyed at different camps that I have helped with is the hula hoop race. You can have two or more teams. One hula hoop for each team. Line the kids up in a straight line and have them hold hands. The object of this race is to get the hula hoop from one end of the team to the other without unclasping hands!

I hope that I gave you some fresh ideas for your summer fun picnics or camps. Please share your creative game ideas!

Take Care!



The Activity Mom said...

so fun! I like the marshmallow idea...well until the bee part. =)

Crisc said...

Love the ideas I'm gonna have a field day for the kids in a couple days and I'll link it back to you

Unknown said...

I love your site. I am now a follower. Thanks for stopping by Bargain Mom.

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