Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Baby Times! 10th Edition: First Feedings

Thinking about transitioning your baby from breast milk or formula to food?  What foods should you give your baby first? How do you know that your baby is ready for food?  Most articles that  I have read suggest that you start your baby anywhere between 4 and 6 months of age.  My pediatrician recommended that I start as close to 6 months as possible due to a history of food allergies in my family.  Well, little man almost made it to 6 months. 

When he started to grab at my food and stare at me while I was eating, I realized that it was time.  Also, it seemed as though he wanted his bottle more often than usual.  Luckily, Little Man's first feeding went extremely well.  He even grabbed the spoon off of me to shove his second bite into his mouth. So glad that I had the camera near by to capture the moment on film!

What a little piggy!  He looks like such a big boy, doesn't he? (sob, sob)

Another clue as to whether your child is ready to start solid foods is if his tongue reflex is gone. Observe your babies tongue during the first feeding.  Is your baby able to use their tongue to swallow the food or are they pushing the food out of their mouth?  My little guy was doing this a little bit at first, but now he is getting used to eating.  I used a plastic tipped spoon right away.  Dr. Sears suggests putting a little food on your finger at first. Do you have any feeding tips or insights that you'd like to share?

Here's little man's menu thus far-

Organic Rice Cereal (mixed w/ formula)
Fresh smashed bananas (first mixed with formula- now just bananas)
Sweet Potatoes

I'm thinking about starting peas next or maybe avocado!  Pediatricians have often recommended starting veges first so that they can get used to the blander tastes before starting sweets. Look at me- giving little man bananas and sweet potatoes!  So we'll see how it goes.  If he's anything like my husband, he'll eat just about anything!

What are you feeding your little one?  Do you purchase or make your own baby food?

Here's a great article from Dr. Sears: STARTING SOLID FOODS

Take Care and enjoy feeding baby!


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