Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Lovin' Your Blog Awards!!

So sorry! The award ceremony had to be postponed until today due to a future Diva in action!! My six year old was in a talent show Bop Bop Bopping and doing gymnastics in this frilly feathery pink outfit her friend let her borrow. I stepped back while she choreographed her entire routine herself. My little independent 6 yr. old! I'm very proud of her. See Mom wanted her to sing, but she stood strong and did what her heart desired!!
Now for the award ceremony!! I proudly received this award last week from the writer of Too Much Information and am very excited to pass it along to the following five recipients whose blogs I'm lovin'!!!!

Mom's Marbles is the creation of the Stay At Home Mom sister team, Mary Ellen and Sarah. They both have a background in working with children- Elementary Education and Childcare. They have children ranging in ages 1 - 5. Alexa is the newest team member of Mom's Marbles and shares tons of great ideas while homeschooling her little ones. I'm lovin' their blog because it is jammed packed with fun and creative ideas that we can use as parents so that we don't "lose our marbles". Be sure to check out their very creative blog!!

simple mom
Simple Mom. Stop by her site and you'll see why I'm lovin' this blog! It is filled with tips on how to live life simply. From organizing, money management, taking care of ourselves and our kids, this blog has a little bit of everything.
Recently, I've been working on living life more simply- just slowing down and enjoying my home and others and focusing less on things and busyness. If this is a goal for you, be sure to check out Simple Mom!
Parenting Pink, created by a Mother of three girls, is one of my favorite blogs that I visit almost daily. If you've read my blog in the past, I've mentioned her awesome blog before. I just love her honesty, humor, and her professional advice on raising girls! Although a lot of time is put into her blog, her main passion is her Parenting Pink website- be sure to check it out!

Art Projects for Kids!
I'm so glad that I came across this blog due to my daughters' new found interest in art and artists. After reading our new Art book, the girls are fascinated. This blog, created by an Art teacher, is wonderful. I love the projects that she shares with detailed instructions and photos of the finished product.(see photo above) You can clearly see her passion for inspiring creativity in others in her posts. I can't wait to try some of the projects with my girls! If you'd like to explore art more with your children, you'll have to go and check out Art Projects for Kids!

Keep the Way

Keep the Way is written by a homeschooling mother of two Preschool Princesses. She has passion for instilling a love of learning in her children, creating fun unit studies and encouraging Moms to experience Joy in the Ministry of Motherhood! Look at the photo above of her wonderful unit table that is filled with books relating to her topic of study. I'm so glad that I came across her site because of her inspiration and her many wonderful links and resources.

Congratulations to the above recipients- I'm lovin' your blogs!!! Here is your award!! Feel free to pass this along to five blogs that you love. Also, be sure to post five of your own loves! Here are my loves!

1. I love... my Lord, my God! He came a knocking when I was just a little girl. I'm glad that I opened the door and let him in my heart!!

2. I love... my husband! Met him in a grocery store when I was just 14 years old. I was assertive, somewhat,- I had my brother-in-law ask him for his phone number for me. Good thing I did!! That was 22 years ago! I'm so blessed to have shared over 1/2 of a lifetime with him!

3. I children! Love watching them change and grow. They make me laugh, cry, smile, yell- yes sometimes, dance, and praise God daily!!!

4. I family! I'm so lucky to have a family that would do anything for me and my children!

5. I friends! I have old friends(some friendships that have lasted since Elementary School) and new friends(that are only a few years old) who continue to bless my life!

Have a wonderful Saturday!! Be creative, curious, and most importantly think about everything you love today!!!



ParentingPink said...

Awwww! Thank you for the award and the lovely words! I'm constantly inspired by your "creativity" and suggestions so it's an honor to be given this super-duper award along side you :-)

I think it's so cool that you met your hubby at 14. Wow! I love learning new things about my blogging friends!

Happy Saturday!

TMI said...

Ya gotta love little girl dance competitions. I bet she was a doll! I love your five things and can't wait to check out your five blogs! Thanks for participating!

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