Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gratitude Turkey

I made this cute little guy back when I was a teacher. I would hang it in my classroom to celebrate Thanksgiving. I decided to pull him out for my girls and they just love him. On his belly, I taped a little pocket that says "Give Thanks!" We are going to fill out slips of paper each day and write something or someone that we are thankful for and store it in the pocket until Thanksgiving. I'll dictate for my 4 year old and let my 6 year old do her best with her beginning writing.

I've seen this done a little bit differently. Instead of slips of paper, feathers are filled out and then they are used to decorate the turkey. Either way it is great for kids to think about and appreciate what they have in their lives!

Gobble, Gobble!!!
(I know, I'm corny- but I just couldn't resist!)



Tara Bennett said...

Thanks for the cute idea! Because of all your cute ideas, I presented you a blog award over on my blog. Check it out!

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea, and great that it encourages thankfulness with the children. We made a thankfulness tree one year, but the turkey looks like more fun.

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