Monday, July 16, 2012

Ten Indoor Balloon Activities

Too hot to go outside? 
Blow up a batch of balloons for some indoor fun. 
Smiles are free!

1.  Traditional Keep it up- how many taps before the balloon falls on the ground?
2.  Keep it up soccer style... with anything but your hands- use your head, elbow, feet, etc.
3.  Use a sheet to keep balloons in the air as a team.
4.  Preschool play- count, sort by color. 

5.  Play a fun Balloon Game 
    (recent post at The Activity Mom)


6.  Balloon Walk- who can keep the balloon between their knees the longest as they walk around the room. 
7.  Experiment with electricity activities.
8.  Research the history of balloons.
9.  ABC balloon match- write lower case and upper case letters on balloons- have little ones match.
10.  Pump up the music and have a dance party

Need a few or more ideas... 

*Children's book suggestions from
  everything preschool.

*Wow! hands on: as we grow has collection of 30 different ideas for balloons!

Which activity or activities do you think your kiddos would enjoy?


Unknown said...

My kids are always begging for me to blow up balloons to play with in the house. I usually do for birthdays and holidays... they wish I did it everyday! Great list of ideas to extend the play

Blond Duck said...

How cute!

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