Monday, February 6, 2012

Creative Book Projects

Lately, I've been posting a plethora of Pre-K activities, so I thought it was time to throw in a couple of ideas for our older kiddos.  Of course, ideas can always be adapted for different levels with a little creativity!  Today I'm going to share Peanut's 2nd grade book project and Sunshine's 4th grade project.  I thought they did a great job!

Created by Peanut- age 7
 Storybook Diorama: After reading Heroes of the Vegetable Patch, my daughter created this diorama.  It includes one of the scenes from the story and the characters present.  Below is an image of the book and stuffed aimals that can be purchased with the book.  Both can be found at IKEA.  Adorable!  We have the broccoli character.

Sunshine read Night of the Twisters and then created a movie poster- see below.....

Created by Sunshine- age 9
Movie Marque Poster:  Here is another creative way to share a book report. Using information from the book- create a movie poster to persuade others!

Looking for even more creative book report ideas....
Ten Great Creative Book Reports from Minds in Bloom
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What fun project ideas have you been doing with your kids?  Share, share, share!  Don't be shy-Iove hearing from my readers!


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