Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cave Paintings

For a recent art lesson, Sunshine learned about primitive art.  I don't think she realized that art started so long ago! One of the caves that she toured online was the Lascaux from France. The above photo is from this cave.  If you are interested in learning more, tour the cave below!

Next, Sunshine collected items in nature to create her own art.  Using flowers, dirt, leaves, and rocks, she experimented with these earthly items to make art.  The dandelions and the dirt worked the best out of all of the items she collected.  She mixed the dirt with water to make paint. 
I think a variety of berries would have worked out well for prettier colors- blues and pinks. This concept can also be combined with using natural elements to die eggs.  We did this at Easter one year, but I think for an experiment, it could be done anytime of year!


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