Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Magic of a Box

What is it that makes a simple box so magical? Is it because there are so many possibilities? It can be whatever you want it to be! Maybe a car or a house, a puppet theater, or a bed, or a plane or a .... The list is endless.

Yesterday, I bought a vacuum. (I've been going crazy without one for weeks. Yeesh!) Sunshine was so excited when she saw the empty box, but not so thrilled when Dad was about to throw it away.

"Stop! I'm creating something with that box!"

Dad mumbled something.
Daughter whined.
Mom intervened.
Dad rolls eyes.
Child smiles.

All is happy in just a minute after I remind Dad about my philosophy regarding creative thinking! In his defense, we do have A LOT of clutter around the house, but how can I say no to a brand new BOX and it's fun for FREE.

Well, what did Sunshine do with this box-

First, she laid in it like it was a coffin with a pillow and all. I asked her if she was a vampire. What was I thinking, because then she walked around the house acting like Dracula for part of the morning! Then Peanut had to get in on the action...

Another lesson that this "box" taught Sunshine, was persistance and teamwork. She had to take all of the shiny paper off of the box before she painted it. This peeling took forever, so Mom decided to join her team and help her with this tedious job.

More Box Fun: A Blast from our past...

Sunshine- age 1

Sunshine-age 6
Peanut-age 4

Do you have any posts that focus on creative play or play with boxes?  If so, I'd love for you to link up below and show off your kiddos having fun with boxes or other items around the house!  I linked up two past posts relating to free play and creativity. 

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Chels said...

I often wonder why we waste money on toys. My kids also enjoy boxes and use their imagination so well!

Thanks so much for the great link-up. I added 3 of my past box posts.

Elise said...

I have just added two links. Both where we covered the boxes in different materials and then transformed them to use them in our imaginative play.

Boxes are a fantastic resource to have on hand and they guarantee lots of fun open ended play.

jenny said...

Nothing more versatile than a cardboard box!

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