Friday, November 13, 2009

Mmmm! Black Olives

Do you think that we can pass on our love for a certain type of food to our children? For instance, do all children go crazy for black olives or is this just my family? When I was a child, I loved them. I mean loved them like I adored chocolate or cookies. Weird, huh? My grandma would be sure she pointed out the bowl to me at every holiday dinner. I even got my own can in my stocking each year from Santa!

Well, now take a look at my girls! They are pretty crazy about black olives as well.

So my question for you today is this? Did you put black olives on your fingers as a child and does your child continue with this tradition?

I guess it is pretty creative, even if they are playing with their food. It is just funny to see them do things that I did as a child.

Enjoy your day!



Kashi said...

well i love black olives (still do, to this day) and all my kids love putting them on their fingers and eating them too. my husband however hates them, thus far all my kids have "inherited" my like for them, but 18 month old hasn't made up his mind. interestingly, my 3 year old did "inherit" my husband's disdain for tomatoes, while the older kids all love them.

Mzchef said...

For the record, I LOATHE olives of any kind. I had a friend in the 5th grade who would bring them for snack and terrorize me by putting them on her fingers and eat them. Now here is the funny part... Kashi, who posted first, is my sister-in-law (my husband is her brother) my son LOVES, LOVES, LOVES black olives... eats them from his fingers... so is definatly is genetic!!

Pink & Green Mama said...

So cute!! We have a photo of our daughter with olives on her fingers every thanksgiving. : ) WE have a tradition of signing a table cloth at my mom's house every turkey day with sharpies -- we write notes and trace the girls' hands. This year, my daughter even traced her hand on my mom's table cloth and added the black olives!

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