Monday, September 14, 2009

Chocolate Meets Playdough!

Recently, I came across a recipe for natural clay in the latest issue of Family Fun Magazine. They suggested using Cocoa for Brown clay, beet juice for Fuscia clay, Paprika for Orange clay, etc. My girls and I decided that being we are chocolate lovers, we would make some chocolate smelling clay. Warning: It doesn't taste as good as it smells. We had to try it!

To make your very own batch of chocolate clay/play dough, here's what you will need:

1 cup flour
3/8 cup salt
1 tbsp vegetable oil
natural chocolate dye (3/8 cup hot water and 4 tbsp cocoa powder)

Combine your flour and salt. Next add oil and your chocolate dye. Stir well. Now you are ready to knead your dough. Add more dye or more flour depending on consistency. Get out some cookie cutters and other toys and have fun playing with your very own chocolate play dough. Safe for little ones! Be sure to store your dough in a Ziploc bag or container in the refrigerator!

Another tip- be sure to move the chocolate dye away from the table before your little one spills it all over your new yellow table cloth! He, He! (Luckily, it came out!)

Wallah! Here's our final product:

Peanut making her dough! I think that there is more flour on her than in the bowl.

Sunshine girl- growing up, but not too old for chocolate play dough!

This was a fun and easy activity, even though it was a little bit messy. For kids, the messier the better.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Resource: Family Fun Magazine, October 2009: All-Natural Play Clay


April said...

Your daughters are really beautiful!

Preschool Playbook said...

So there was no cooking involved? This might be fun to do at school. Thanks.

All About Ashley said...

What a fun idea! We are going to have to try this!

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