Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tree or Weed?

My husband, the horticulturist, seems to think that this is some type of tree that has been growing in our bushes, so we decided to transplant it and see what happens.

Well, his twin brother, the horticulturist, seems to think it is just a big old weed!

The girls didn't seem to mind! They had fun planting the tree/weed and getting a little bit dirty.

Well, we are curious to see what it turns into as it grows. Any ideas?

Take Care and sorry I haven't been around much these days! Struggling with 1st trimester fun -nausea and more nausea! Puts a damper on my creative spirit! Still smiling though, knowing that their is a little blessing in there!!


Lynnie said...

Has it ever flowered? My husband think if it has it might be a Wijeelia. I am TOTALLY guessing at the spelling as I could not seem to find it anywhere on the internet with the spellings I was trying! Looks pretty! As do your girls!

Preschool Playbook said...

You gotta keep me posted. Is it a weed or a tree? Glad to see you're still smiling.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I have no idea!

Maybe it is one of those illusive money trees???

Izzy Daniels said...

you have some very cute look daughters. as for creativeness, I know how that can go sometimes...its really just about finding your niche and sticking with it. If you want some creative ideas to find time for writing try my post from a few days ago. http://www.izzydaniels.com/2009/05/finding-time-to-write-in-our-busy-lives.html

good luck with the plant, hope it turns put the way you want it to.


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