Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!!

Be creative with your kids tomorrow and celebrate Groundhog's Day with a couple of these fun ideas!

*Make a groundhog face mask with a paper plate! Have your child pretend to be a groundhog. Did they see their shadow?? or create a small groundhog puppet.
Groundhog Day crafts from Enchanted Learning

Shadow= Six more weeks of Winter weather
No Shadow= Early Spring

*Have fun singing this simple groundhog song!
Here's a Little Groundhog
(can be sung to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot")

Here's a little groundhog
Furry and brown
He's coming up
To look around
If he sees his shadow
Down he goes
Then six more weeks
Of winter snows.

(Source: Project Groundhog)

*Play and experiment with shadows. Use a flash light and make different animals on the wall. For more shadow fun and ideas, visit the links below!
Hand Shadow Pictures
Shadow tracing

*Ask open-ended questions to your child to get them thinking!
Would you want to be Punxatawney Phil? Why or why not?
Do you want Spring to come or do you want Winter to last longer? Why?
How is a groundhog different than a bear, how is it similar?

Fast Facts
Groundhogs can whistle!
Groundhogs keep pretty clean!
Groundhogs hibernate! (one of the few who actually do- not just a deep sleep like other animals.)

Official Site of the Punxatawney Groundhog Club:

Have fun being creative and curious about Groundhog Day 2009!!



Lynnie said...

If the groundhog says there's going to be a long winter I'm just going to put my hands over my ears, just like my 3 year old does! It seems to work for her just fine!

Hey, I can't believe I won a book! After A LOT of browsing around in your awesome store, we decided on Vicky the Vet. Both of my girls LOVE doctor's kits and with the ridiculous amount of stuffed animals around, Vicky the Vet will surely be a hit! Thanks and I'll spotlight it on my blog!

Preschool Playbook said...

I hope he see doesn't see his shadow. I have just been too cold. I need some warmth to warm my inners.

Jenni said...

Cute ideas! I wish they had let him sleep though...the news he delivered was NOT GOOD!

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