Monday, August 11, 2008

Wonderful Water Games!

With summer sadly coming to an end and the beginning of school right around the corner, I want to hold on to summer by having a water day with the family! Below I will share some of my families favorites, but I also added a few ideas that I am going to try out that I discovered on a couple of websites! If you try out any of the games, let me know!! Have an awesome time getting WET with the kids!!!

Water Balloon Ideas

(remember to be cautious around the little ones under 3- if your anything like me, after the balloons pop, I'm running around collecting little balloon pieces as the kids play)

1. Water balloon hot potato: Just like the original hot potato game, but use a water balloon instead.

2. Water balloon race- try to race with the balloon in between the knees.

3. Water balloon target- make a target and try to earn points by hitting with the water balloon. This might be fun with squirt guns, too. (Just came up with this idea-need to get a target or create a target that won't get ruined if wet.)

4. Water balloon tarp toss- you will need two teams and two small tarps. You pass the water balloons in the air and try to get it to land in the other teams tarp that they are holding. It takes practice, but a lot of fun for a large group of kids.

Duck, Duck, Squirt

Required: Squirt gun and bucket of water
Players: Small to medium groups

"All players sit or stand in a circle. Pick a person to be it. They are to go around the circle like Duck, Duck, Goose but they say " Duck, Duck, Squirt". They then squirt a player and the chase begins. The "squirter" is to run around the circle and back to players position without getting tagged by the person that was squirted."

Splash Tag

"You'll Need:
A big, soft sponge, like the kind you
use to wash the car, and buckets of water.
This version of the classic tag requires one person to be "IT".
"IT" tries to tag running players with a wet sponge them.
Once tagged, that person becomes the new It.
No denying who's been tagged...
The wet mark on their back is a dead give away!"

Squirt Water Relay - "The Turkey Baster Game"

"You’ll Need:
Two buckets or tubs per team
A plastic turkey baster per team
To Play
Each team is given one full bucket of water at the “start line.
Set the empty bucket some distance from the start line. The distance depends on the age of the players.
The challenge is to be the first team to transfer the water in the full bucket to the empty bucket, using only a turkey baster. Players take turns relay race style
Use big sponges to transfer the water instead of basters."

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