Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time to Make Our Leprechaun Traps

Every year we are tricked by those sneaky buggers.  Maybe this year will be the year that my kids will finally trap a leprechaun.  They need to get on the ball and start building their traps, being St. Patrick's Day Eve is right around the corner.   

Here are a couple of past posts with our experiences and fun pics...

2009 ideas- leprechaun came, but the kids didn't build traps- felt it was cruel. Leprechauns on the Loose

2010- changed their minds and created cruelty free traps. (I guess?)  Fun project. Leprechaun Linky Party

Are your kids planning on trapping any leprechauns this year? After the traps are set, be sure to read..

Enjoy this beautiful day!

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