Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Robin Activities

During a beautiful Spring walk last week, we were pleased to get a close up view of a robin.  We even started singing Raffi's song- Robin in the rain, such a saucy fellow....

As we sang and admired the bird- our song ended with ewwwww and many kid giggles.  Mr. Robin decided to entertain us by pooping on the lawn.  Little man started cracking up- only 2 and he sees humor in this.  So much for Spring beauty...well, at least the kids got a good laugh. 

It might have been funnier if you were there, but I thought I'd share anyways. 

And speaking of sharing- how about some cute Spring Robin activities....

DLTK bible
If I were a Robin in a tree... craft and song

Adventures in Reading With Kids
shares an adorable robin themed book and craft.

Research/Coloring printable

*Resource for Research: Bird facts and bird call from
All About Birds
has a tutorial on how to make this sweet pom pom robin.

   And I leave you with the song we were singing when the "incident" occurred!

Spring Blessings,

The clip art at the top of the page can be found at


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for including our paper plate robin! We will have to learn the Raffi Song today, but I hope it doesn't end with the same ending as your song!

silly eagle books said...

I love robins! What a great spring post!

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