Thursday, March 1, 2012

Organizing Supplies on a Budget

Organization is a struggle for me.  It has been my entire life and I blame it on my creativity gene.  I would love to be naturally organized, but I have to work at it and work at it hard.  Here are just a couple of frugal solutions that I found for storing some of my art and toy supplies. 

Large coffee containers
They are sturdy and they come with a handle and lid.  What more could I ask for? These are great for storing crayons, small toys, stamps and more.  You can find adorable labels them here for free....

Tin cans
Cover with scrapbooking paper. Great for holding pencils, rulers, paint brushes, etc. My daughter decorated a can with popsicle sticks for holding her school pencils! 

Cardboard boxes
Boxes are great for holding just about anything!  Learning centers, toys, and more. I found a couple of amazing tutorials online for redoing diaper boxes.

These are just GORGEOUS....

AND how about redoing cereal boxes....

I also purchased inexpensive containers (as you can see on our shelves)... I couldn't resist the green containers for $1. I just combined them with my recycled containers.

For more ideas, visit my Organization Pinterest Board.
What ideas do you have for organizing on a budget?  

Enjoy your day,


Brittney said...

Great ideas! I use spaghetti jars (or other similar jars) for storing small items like buttons, beads and pompoms because it's easy to see what's in them.

I've also used baby wipe containers for crayons, or smaller toys like the green soldiers or small animals.

Jen said...

Brittany- great ideas! I love baby wipe containers, too! Also, I found a couple of cute tissue boxes that I'm going to reuse. Spagetti jars- hmmm- I might just have to try that.

The Activity Mom said...

Great ideas. I like the cereal box one. I'll have to try that.

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Jen said...

Thanks, Nicole! I love the cereal box idea- need to get some colored duck tape.


ourlovevan said...

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