Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Letter Ss Activities: Part 1

Little man and I had fun searching for the letter S in newspaper ads. I cut out the large S and then he glued all of his finds on.

Finger painting the Swirly letter S was fun! Find out in our next post what we made with his painting.  Hint: It's an animal that begins with the letter S.

S is also for St. Patrick's Day, so I hope you have a good one! 

Unfortunately it is also for the word sick :(- we've been oh so sick this week.  It has passed one by one though the five of us- not fun. Momma held on strong until the end. 

Here's to looking forward to a better, healthier week! 

Take Care!


Lorie said...

Especially love the swirl painting! Thanks so much for linking this to Kid's Co-op!

SusieQTpies said...

This is so awesome! I would LOVE for you to stop in and share it in my Mommy Solutions linky. You have such a great ideas! Feel free to share others, too.

Thanks, Crystal

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