Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Learning Center

These adorable Leprechaun hats jumped out at me at the $ store and I knew I had to create some learning fun for the kids with them. 

I created these 5 activities.....
1. Match the colored pom poms to the colors in the hats.

2.Hide one or more leprechauns under the hats.  
Have your child try to find it and then give
them a chance to hide the leprechaun.
Leprechauns from FamilyFun.

3.Use a pom pom or a gold coin
and ask your child to find the letter.

4. Count the shamrocks. 
(laminated shamrocks glued to small straws)

5.  Or just let your little one pretend to be a 

Okay, I fibbed, I have one last activity for older kiddos.  Line up the hats in a row.  Put the number 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 inside the hats. They are going to be like targets.  Next, toss a ping pong ball or pom pom into the hats.  The smaller number will be closer and the highest number will be farther away.  Have your child toss the ball three times and add up the score.  The person with the higher number wins!

What ideas do you have for these cute little hats?



Unknown said...

What great, excellent, CREATIVE learning fun for those kiddos!

silly eagle books said...

What fun! I love St. Patrick's day. :)

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